-Lila on how little Nimai saw thieves breaking into His yard
-Lila on how little Nimai frightened Shiva-worshipping girls that they would have old and poor husbands, and how he demanded that they worship him instead of Shiva
-Lila on how little Nimai spat the Ganges water on the brahmanas
-Anyabhilashita shunyam shloka discussion
-Become a scholar, but not for the sake of defeat or competition with others
-The three symptoms of bhakti
-Self realisation is the best realisation
-Keep chanting until Nama Prabhu dances on your tongue
-The path of bhakti is as sharp as a razor
-Gopala Guru’s pastimes and how he got his title (shiksha to Mahaprabhu to chant even in the restroom; getting protected from Abhirama Thakura)
-Do not forget to put tilaka before chanting gayatri-mantras to get the fruits of them
-Take the 16 names of Vishnu in different situations or junctures of the day


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