-Lord Brahma cannot enter Vrindavana. He dreams of going to Vrindavana at least as a stone on which the Vrajavasis wipe their feet after going to the toilet
-By the mercy of Lord Ramachandra, the sages of Dandakaranya were born from the wombs of the vraja-gopis
-Without taking birth in the wombs of vraja-gopis we are unable to enter rasa-lila
-Lakshmi-devi tries to enter Vrindavana, but in vain
-Everything that lives in Vrindavana, including the insects, are the eternal associates of Radha-Krishna, contributing to Their lilas
-The eternal transcendental constitutional form of a devotee determines his position and service in the spiritual world
-Even Krishna’s flute, whose main purpose is to pacify the anger of the gopis, is unable to break Radharani’s strong and causeless anger, but Yogamaya in the form of a cobra comes to help and stands in Radharani’s way
-The greed to be born in Vrindavana is nice but is not enough as because the position in the transcendent world depends on the transcendental form of a devotee which is embedded in his soul
-The greed comes from greed
-Only in our sampradaya will you find such an intimate and deep hari-katha
-The definition of yautiki-gopis and ayautiki-gopis
-Do Vrindavana-parikrama, chant the holy names
-Become a scholar, but not for the sake of defeat or competition with others


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