-We are completely absorbed in our material desires. That is why we do not hear Krishna’s flute
-Cheto darpana marjanam shloka
-Clean the mirror of your heart by chanting the holy names
-The glories of Gurvashtaka
-CC Madhya 22.100 – Everyone please learn this shloka by heart
-Our determination must be like that of a piece of ice flowing into the ocean against all obstacles
-Accept only those things that are favourable to your bhakti and give up those things that are unfavourable to your bhakti
-Time is very powerful
-The glories of the six Gosvamis
-Follow rules and regulations, but do not become niyamagraha, too attached to rules and regulations
-Everybody please do Giriraja Parikrama
-Read Upadeshamrita, Manah-shiksha and Shikshashtaka


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