-The curse of Vishnu by Narada Rishi; Vedavati appeared as Sita-devi afterwards
-12 types of rasas
-Shabari did not give her food remnants to Ramachandra
-Description of the rasas and their characteristics
-Lila on how the turtle, who longed to touch the lotus feet of the Lord, became a boatman who ferried Lord Ramachandra across the river in a rama-lila
-Shabari story
-Respect for women
-Lila on how Lord Ramachandra granted liberation to the stone-embedded soul of Ahilya
-Krishna-samsara, surrender to Krishna
-Lakshmana’s outstanding service to Rama
-Bharata’s love for Ramachandra is like an ocean, and Ramachandra’s unwavering adherence to the rules and regulations is like a mountain in the ocean
-Lakshmanа is compared to a daily steady meal and Bharata to sweet rice cooked on holidays


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