-One can serve purely his Gurudeva if one has sambandha-jnana
-Guru gives sanbandha-jnana to his disciple
-Those who have guru-nishtha can deliver the whole world
-The amusing story of a hari-katha listener seeing the bearded Bhagavatam speaker as her lost goat
-Laukiki-shraddha, paramarthiki-shraddha; vaidhi-shraddha and raganuga-shraddha; atyantiki-shraddha
-The story of a father and son crossing a river with a donkey
-Pay no attention to people who criticise you. Just do your bhajana-sadhana
-Worship Guru first, then worship God
-Bilvamangala Thakura called Krishna a great thief
-Bilvamangala Thakura meets Krishna


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