-How to get Brahma’s post
-Following varnashrama-dharma without doing bhajana leads to hell
-How to get Shiva’s post
-The job of Yogamaya and the job of Mahamaya
-Maya is one but manifests as Yogamaya and Mahamaya. Maya means ‘kripa’
-Avaranatmika-vritti and vikshepatmika-vritti of maya
-Jivatma and Paramatma interaction
-On Proudha-maya
-Yogamaya helps Krishna to perform rasa-lila in Rasoli
-Sadashiva is Vishnu-tattva
-The Lord is nirguna, beyond the gunas
-Destruction is a very big responsibility of Shiva
-Vrinda-devi’s role is very beautiful; she arranges Radha-Krishna meetings and separation
-Vrinda-devi fails to awaken the Divine Couple


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