-Transcendental Navadvipa hides behind a net of maya
-How to see transcendental dhama will our material eyes
-The meaning of tadatma. After tadatma there will be the realisation
-2 kinds of people: siddha-mahatmas and sadhakas take shelter here
-Offences of Brahma, Indra and Shiva were destroyed in Navadvipa
-3 monkeys: do not see others’ faults, do not hear others’ faults, do not discuss others’ faults
-Shishupala’s absorption. Though he was angry with Krishna, still he was absorbed in Him
-If you can’t afford Vrindavana-parikrama go at least to Navadvipa
-Lying in Navadvipa is equivalent to dandavata-parikrama for Girirajа Govardhanа and 10 years of dandavata-pranamas elsewhere
-For 5 days of Navadvipa parikrama, make a vow not to criticise anyone, not to be distracted by worldly matters, and to listen only to the glories of Navadvipa-dhama, chanting holy names, doing parikrama
-To think that Navadvipa-dhama and Vrindavana-dhama are different is an offence
-Lila of the gopis watching Krishna take sannyasa
-Do parikrama under the guidance of Guru and Vaishnavas. Do not run ahead of the Deities, otherwise, you will not receive the fruits of parikrama
-Tomorrow we will go to Mayapura


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