-Due to tamo-guna people suffer many kinds of distress in Kali-yuga.
-Daivi hy esa guna-mayi mama maya duratyaya sloka discussion.
-Chant holy names & be happy.
-Ravana’s story as an example that wealth, wife, and children won’t give happiness.
-Happiness one will get by the association of sadhu & chanting holy names.
-We are all residents of Goloka Vrindavana.
-Samsara-vasana blocks our ears to hear Lord’s call to come to him.
-Krsna enters into the heart through the ears & cleans it.
-Guru and Krsna are always with you.
-Yaksha asks Yudhishthira Maharaj who is happy.
-Ceto-darpanam marjanam sloka discussion.
-Story of Kumbhakarna asking for nidrasana instead of Indrasana.
-5 types of debts one owes after coming out of mother’s womb.
-If you chant holy names & completely surrender unto Krsna all debts will be cleared.
-Only nama-sankirtana is the process in Kali-yuga.
-Best & simple process is rendering service to the lotus feet of the guru.
-Vapu-seva & Vani-seva & about brihad-mridanga.
-Hari-katha & harinama is the food for the soul.


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