-The meaning of nishanta
-Tapasya in Kali-yuga will not bring to God
-The glories of nama-sankirtana in Kali-yuga
-Try to control your sleeplessness, try to eat less (drink more water) and day and night chant harinama
-Give up mukti-katha and never try to merge into Brahma
-Do not listen to vaikuntha-katha, only vraja-katha, and stay in Vraja
-Sakhya- and vatsalya-bhava in Vraja
-Nanda Baba and Mother Yashoda are parikara-tattva; the eternal parents of Krishna
-The difference between parikara-tattva and jiva-tattva
-Do not listen to hari-katha from the lips of avaishnava (a comparison with drinking milk touched by a snake)
-The rishis of Dandakaraya take birth as gopis in Dvapara-yuga and make rasa-lila with Krishna
-Gopa-kumara katha (from Ananta Padmanabha Temple)
-Two reasons why Gopa-kumara’s mind was disturbed by the stay at Ananta Padmanabha temple


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