-Lila of Krsna giving His army to Duryodhana & Himself on Arjuna’s side without a weapon.
-Lila of Bhishma Pitamaha making Krsna take weapon in Кurukshetra.
-Mahaprabhu predicted one day His name will be preached all over the world.
-Highest perfection can be achieved by chanting holy names.
-3 things needed to preach: guru, sastra and place.
-Holy name is higher than Sri Hari.
-People want dharma,artha,kama,moksha. Krsna-Prema is pancham purushartham.
-Lila of Sanatana Gosvami at first giving a touchstone to a poor brahmana & later giving harinama to a brahmana.
-Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati said if I have money I will buy an aeroplane & preach in all corners of the world.
-Chant holy names with sadhu-sanga.
-Root cause of Krsna-bhakti is sadhu-sanga.
-Lila of Narada Rishi asking the Lord about the glories of sadhu-sanga who then sent him to black bee, cuckoo, and brahmani with a newborn child.
-Parents have to give nice samskaras in the hearts of children.
-Prahlada Maharaj listening to hari-katha from Narada Rishi in his mother’s womb.
-Guru & Krsna are always with you.
-Lord Narayana Himself came as Jayantha to give mantra to Gopa-Kumara.
-All living entities come towards guru & Krsna due to Bhagavath-Kripa & Karuna.
-Srila Svami Maharaj said guru is like a fisherman catching the jivas.
-Who is pandita & who is foolish?
-Bhakta-sadhu can change your life.
-Eat only maha-prasada.


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