-Bhakti will manifest only by surrendering to a bonafide guru
-Chanting harinama is useless without a taste for listening to hari-katha
-The story of Vishvamitra and Vasishtha searching for an answer as to which is higher – karma, jnana, yoga, tapasya or sadhu-sanga
-If you want to attain Lord, serve Guru and Vaishnavas
-Guru-seva, vaishnava-seva will give taste for harinama
-Bhakta-pada-dhuli, bhakta-pada-jala, bhakta-bhukta-shesha
-Unparallelled bhajana and renunciation of the Six Gosvamis
-Lokanatha Gosvami and Radha-vinoda lala
-The trees of Vrindavana are not ordinary. They even bleed when they are cut down
-Vaishnava-prayi and vishayi-prayi
-Question: Why do different temples in India have mangala-arati at different times?


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