-Nama-sankirtana is the topmost sadhana in Kali-yuga to attain Bhagavan.
-Mind has to be fixed while chanting & with respect, sneha, mamata Bhagavan’s nama has to be taken doing smarana of Bhagavan’s lila.
-Meaning of Lord’s names Rasa-bihari, Vrindavana-chanda & Gokulananda.
-Bhagavan limbs are so beautiful that there is no need for ornaments.
-Lila of Surya dasa saying Thakuraji isn’t dressed when His sevaka removed alankara & asked how is Thakuraji.
-Shuddha-mahatma has a transcendental vision.
-Mind gets stabilised sitting in front of santa-mahatma.
-About snana & how it is important for external purification.
-Making ganga-jala using Tulasi, water & conch.
-What is a mauna?
-Lila of Srimati Radhika saying about the birds in Vrindavana sitting on the tree top & taking Govinda’s darshana & makes Him sit in their hearts & closes their eyes.
-How to do dhyana?
-About the shabda ‘Ma’
-Lila of the gopi’s in jealousy says to vamshi that He is masculine & how can he taste Krsna adharamrita & in humility says vamshi is sitting on the throne of lips of Krsna & getting his legs massaged by His hands & fanned by His eyelids.
-Sadhaka in bhava-dasha says about how insignificant is his description of the Lord’s beauty & the offence made by him in that regard.
-Vrindavana’s dust is a foot-dust of gopis & one gets prema by touching it.
-Peacocks on top of Govardhana come down on hearing Vamshi-dhvani.
-In Belvana still Lakshmi-devi is still doing tapasya to enter into rasa-lila.
-Krsna is unable to stabilise Himself in the waves of bhava of gopis & catches hold of their shoulders in rasa-lila.
-Mantrartha-cintanam, nyasa, mudra, prapatti, sharanagati & atma-nivedana.
-Wait for time to get results of chanting like Rishis chanting gopala-mantra.


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