-One hears hari-katha in sat-sanga after fortune arises from many life sukriti.
-About many faults in jivas hearts in kali-yuga.
-Human life is very rare & even rare is a sadhu.
-Gauranga came in the form of a sadhu to give association.
-If one’s faith is broken it will be difficult to bring them back.
-What sraddha is & its importance to taking one to the highest thing.
-Srimati Radhika is the embodiment of Mahabhava.
-How Mahaprabhu feels viraha & spends His time in Gambhira.
-About ashta-sattvik vikara in Mahaprabhu’s body.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika’s conversation with Brahmara as how his friend Krsna is chala, kapata
& Brhmara’s reply to Srimati Radhika.
-Due to the intense heat in Srimati Radhika’s viraha the petals get dried.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu in viraha scratching His face on the door due to viraha & blood oozing out & He says that Krsna isn’t giving darshan.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu trying to tear His chest with nails when Svarupa Damodara said Hey Prabhu Krsna is in Your heart.
-Mahaprabhu used to make a garland out of flowers from Jagannatha Vallabha Vatika & offer it to Radha Krsna.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu jumping in the ocean & being caught by a fisherman who thought of Him as a ghost. Svarupa Damodara’s conversation with the fisherman & bringing Mahaprabhu to a normal state.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu saying He went to Radha-kunda bank to see water sporting pastimes.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika telling bhramara how his friend Krsna is kapata with examples of killing Vali in rama-lila, sending Bali Maharaja to Sutala-loka.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika speaking about how Rama acts like a sadhu with a bow & arrow & like a brahmachari with a wife.
-Difference between Krsna’s eyes & Rama’s eyes.
-Janakapuri kanya getting attracted to Lord Rama & thinking of marrying Him.
-Shurpanakha katha of getting her ears, and nose cut & how she is the reason behind the destruction of Ravana’s dynasty & how she became Kubja in krishna-lila.
-Rupa Gosvami desires to have Mahaprabhu’s darshana again & again.


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