-3 types of bhakti
-Kleshagni and subhada
-Hari-bhakti-sudurlabha: devotional service to Krishna is very rare, even more rare than mukti (liberation)
-Krishna is attracted by Sri Radha and the gopis because they have bhakti in their hearts. Krishna-akarshani: Bhakti in one’s heart attracts people and even Krishna to him
-Krishna hides bhakti giving artha, kama, and moksha instead
-Pure bhaktas do not want anything from God
-People make up a silly excuse that they are not ready to receive harinama or perform bhajanа-sadhana
The story of how the disciple asked his Guru which time was the best to chant the holy names
-BG 7.16 discussion
-Karma-unmukhi-sukriti, jnana-unmukhi-sukriti and bhakti-unmukhi-sukriti
-Types of people that can come to Krishna by sukriti: arta (suffering; Gajendra), jijnasu (inquisitive mood; Shaunakadi Rishis), artharthi (desiring wealth, bhukti, etc; Dhruva Maharaja) and jnani (desiring knowledge; 4 Kumaras)


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