-Ekadashi is bhakti-janani.
-By following Ekadasi, Bhakti-devi will manifest in our heart.
-If one follows Ekadasi properly all papa will get destroyed & one will attain Bhagavan in the end.
-Ekadasi is Madhava-tithi & the meaning of Madhava.
-Why should one not eat 5 types of grains on ekadashi?
-Story of Rukmangada, his wife & Dharmangada passing the test of maya-devi on their strict adherence to following ekadashi.
-Bhagavatam says after death jatanamayi-sarira will be given to bear the punishments in hell.
-About hellish planets & the punishments that take place there.
-Sukhadev Goswami spoke about Ajamila-katha when Parikshit Maharaj asks how to save jivas from going to hell.
-Even if namabhasa happens also one won’t go to hellish planets.
-Importance of putting Tilak, wearing kanti-mala & doing hari-nama.
-Even if one dies on Ekadasi, one will attain Bhagavath-dhama.
-From 7 to 80 years of age one should follow Ekadasi.
-Importance of taking pure food for chitta-suddhi.
-Upavasa meaning staying close to Bhagavan by taking hari-nama.
-Do bhajan & when time comes you will leave this body just like a snake leaving its skin.
-yad karosi yad juhanosi sloka discussion.
-About Radhaji’s janma-sthala.
-Lila of Sethji in Barsana considering Srimati Radhika as his daughter & pays for Her bangles after She asks why he didn’t consider Her.


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