-Radhika is svadhina-bhartrika-nayika. She controls Krishna
-Krishna is captivated by Radhika’s love and Her sidelong glance
-Sri Radha asks Krishna to put alta (red dye) on Her feet
-The difference between alta and kunkuma
-Bhramara-gita: Srimati Radharani reproaches Krishna for killing the monkey king Bali, disfiguring Shurpanakha and deceiving Bali Maharajа in different incarnations
-The servants of the Lord are His footdust. The Lord will tolerate offences but His footdust (bhaktas) cannot tolerate (example: Chitraketu Maharaja and Devi Parvati katha)
-Externally Sri Radha criticises Krishna but in fact She glorifies Him
-Bhramara-gita is higher than Gopi-gita
-Meeting is much more sweeter after separation (the example of a mother who lost her child and then found it)
-Without Srimati Radhika Krishna is only half


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