-Lila of Krsna saying to gopis to return back home to serve their husbands.
-Gopis saying back to Krsna that serving Jagat-pati (Jagannatha) ensures serving everyone like watering the roots of a tree.
-Story of a chaste brahmani serving her husband & stopping sunrise to prevent her husband’s death due to a santa mahatma’s curse.
-Examples of Bali Maharaj, Vibhisana, Prahlada Maharaj, Bharata Maharaj sacrificing their close ones for being inimical towards Bhagavath-seva.
-Who is the actual father, mother, guru?
-Who are the gopis?
-Dandakaranya’s Rishi’s external gross body is a male form but spiritual body is a female form.
-About jivatma & Paramatma on 2 branches of a tree.
-Chaitya-guru/Paramatma is always with you.
-Chant mantra properly taken from guru.
-Dandakaranya Rishis getting uddipan looking at Lord Rama & His word to them.
-Krsna won’t accept anyone other than gopis.
-Dandakaranya Rishis attains a gopi form in krsna-lila & meets Him in parakiya-bhava.
-How difficult is it to become a gopi & what bhajan-sadhan is required for it?
-Mahaprabhu said do nama-sankirtan, vaishnava-seva.
-Importance of sabda-brahman emanating from sadhu’s hari-katha.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu asking Saranga to accept a disciple & Saranga accepting Murari, who came as a dead body in Ganges as a disciple.
-Guru-nishtha is the backbone of our sadhan & bhajan.
-How Srimati Radharani appeared in different kalpas to Vrshabhanu Maharaj & Kirtida-devi.
-Lila of Srimati Radharani agreeing to cook for Durvasa Rishi on some conditions & for loka-lila Durvasa Rishi finally gives benediction to Her.


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