-Parakiya-bhava: When we lose something and then find it, the value of the object increases significantly
-Wordplay in iskan and ISKCON
-Description of nivaranata, durlabhata, pracchana-kamakata and vamyata
-Tadiyatta of the queens of Dvaraka: Krishna is my husband; madiyatva of the gopis: Krishna is my life and soul
Paramour mood: а married woman does her household chores perfectly well so as not to raise suspicions that she loves another man and is looking forward to meeting him
-When we walk, we should look under our feet and then up into the sky: before we can understand the spiritual world, we must try to understand the material world
-The four types of meeting described in Bhajana-rahasya: sankshipta, sankirna, sampana, samriddhiman
-The four types of separation: purva-raga, mana, pravasa and prema-vaicittya
-Vrindavana Krishna never leaves Vrindavana
-A moment without Krishna is like an eternity for a the gopis, but an eternity with Him flies by like a second for them
-Lila on how Krishna was robbed by a thief


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