-In kirtan mantra’s presiding diety will manifest there.
-Story of a sadhu making presiditing diety of music to manifest & villagers suspecting him & later realizing their mistake.
-Srimati Radhika’s thoughts on Krsna while reciting Brhmara-Gita.
-With Sambandha-jnana seva-vritti will manifest & melts the heart with mamatha.
-Definition of prema & it is eternal in cit-jagat & temporary in material world.
-Radhaji says Hey Govinda for Your service I will pay the necklace of Kalankini.
-Atma has sambandha-jnana & has to be awakened.
-About 2 sides of divine love Viraha & Milan.
-One who has sambandha-jnana will feel viraha.
-We forget Krsna & maya gives toys like family,house etc.
-When we cry for Krsna Bhagavan will consider us.
-Why Sukhadev gosvami didn’t take the name of any gopis in Srimad Bhagavatam.
-By taking guru’s-name tongue will be purified.
-Vrishabhanu-nandini Radha has 2 forms Samyogini-Radha & Viyogini-Radha.
-Manjaris seva of applying chandan to Radhaji & arranging petals as bed for sleep.
-Radhaji’s viraha dries up the petals.
-Prema is like both heat in fire & like cold in ice & can be known by those having it.
-Lila of cotton being burnt when placed near Srila Rupa gosvami’s nose by a person who doubts whether him looking at other gosvamis crying on hearing Bhagavath but not Rupa gosvami.
-Detailed discussion on 6 characteristics of mahabhava dasa of Srimati Radhika.
-About Vrajavasis state to take Govinda’s darshan when He goes for cow-herding
-Lila of a newly wedded girl having Govinda’s darshan first time & doing activities wrongly like churning mustard seeds,tieing child to rope instead of pot for well water.
-Guru-Kripa, Bhagavath-Kripa is needed to understand.

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