-Mahaprabhu says You aren’t deity but Vrajanandana Shyamasundar.
-Ishwara is the controller. None is equal to Him.
-Krishna’s Rupa madhurya & can’t describe.
-In cit jagat everything is present.
-By nara lila everyone gets attracted.
-Topmost beauty of Krishna is in Goloka Vrindavan in rasa sthali.
-Bhagavan shows Kripa & manifests that swaroop in this world.
-How does Bhagavan manifests in front of advaitavadis, yogis & bhaktas.
-Deities lila of Radha Vinode lal,Sakshi Gopal, Jagannatha & Baladev.
-Krishna only comes under the control of Vraja bhakti.
-Who can bind Krishna like Yashoda Mayya. How is it possible.
-Bhakti characteristic always be enthusiastic.
-Jnana vs Bhakti as per Hanumanji.
-Srila Gurudev serving as poojari in Navadvipa.
-Mahaprabhu’s & Krishna’s favourite item for bhoga.
-TotaGopinath getting new clothes from Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaj
& Srila Vamana Goswami Maharaj.
-Thakurji complaining about burnt dhal being offered to Srila Vamana Goswami Maharaj.
-Only Premik bhakta will take darshan & Bhagavan accepts only Prema.
-Show whatever love you have towards Bhagavan.
-Do your duties & responsibilities by not being attached.

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