-Vaishnava condemning himself by his insignificant comparsion for Lord’s beauty.
-Bhagavan manifests in many forms to relish & make others relish Prema Madhurya.
-Sacinandana Gaura Hari explaining to Sanatana Goswami Krishna is Svayam Bhagavan & manifests in this world with His parikars.
-Diety is saksat Bhagavan coming from Goloka Vrindavan & Santa Mahatma manifests from his heart.
-By eyes anointed with prema one can take darshan.
-Qualifications meant for speaking with deity.
-Lila of Sanatana goswami with his diety Radha Madan Mohan about feeding Him.
-Lila of Lokanath Gosswami with his deity Radha Vinode Lal.
-Lila of Gauri das with Mahaprabhu & Mahaprabhu’s deity.
-Its aparadha to consider vigraha as stone.
-Sakshi Gopal Katha.
-Srila Raghunatha das goswami asking Srimati Radhika a boon to have manjari bhava.
-Manjari Bhava/ Kinkari bhava is what Gaudiya Vaishnavas aspire.
To serve Rupa Manjari is our goal.

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