Part 1

-Lord Narayana has manifested all tattva in the heart of Brahmaji.
-Sad guru will manifest all tattva siddhanta in sat sishya’s heart.
-Sadhana bhakti is to purify chitta & ray of nityasiddha’s bhava reflects in heart.If one realises self one will be free from lust & anger.
-Simile of female donkey kicking male donkey for jivas pursuit of material things.
-Jivas wandering in this world keeps faith in sad guru’s words.
-Unless sukriti matures faith won’t come.
-Pandithas will know about book by looking at preface.
-Narada Vyasadev Samvad on why Vyasadevji is dissatisfied after writing sastras.Vyasadevji in samadhi saw Bhagavan Lila & how jiva is entangled & will be released from maya.
-Meaning of Bhagavan. Diff b/w Bhagavan & Svayam Bhagavan.
-Engaging the mind on Krishna by different ways.Eg of Gopis , Kamsa.
-Gopis attained Bhagavan by kama. Prema vs Lust.
-Gopis always think of Krishna seva.
-Gopis sweep their house as Govinda will come to their house.
-If bhava is there in heart Bhagavan will accept.
-First you do bhajan & then help others.
-All rasas originate from madhurya rasa.
-Vrajanandana Shyamasundar is Svayam Bhagavan & has 4 special madhurya.
-Gopis when comes together describes about Krishna.
-Gopis becoming envious of Vamsi sometimes & glorifying sometimes.
-Gopis says Krishna is massaging the feet of Flute.
-In Prema rajya envy , hatred etc will stimlate prema.
-Dhumayi , Jvalitha , Dipthha , Udiptha & Sudiptha all Mahabhava prakasa.
-Which one among Baya , dvesha , Sneha , Sambhanda , Bhakti & Kama to be given up to engage completely in pleasing Krishna
-Gopis thinking of Krishna’s lotus feet
-Prema is defined as that which increases inspite of factors of destruction.

Part 2

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