– Chaitanya Charitamrta, Adi lila, chapter 17; – Mahaprabhu hesitated to give mercy to Saci Mata and to Mukunda; – Grass as a symbol of humility, why?; – Be humble only in front of devotees; – Story: Narada Rsi instructs the snake to stop biting; – Bengali traditions: serving the son-in-law like God and Laksmi Puja (Gurudev remembers his time in Bengal); – What to give as donation: important is not quantity, but quality; – People tend to spend more for their materialistic things than to sadhus and Thakuraji; – Eat, sleep and dress: as is favorable for your body; – In winter is more difficult to wake up than in summer; – Ring the bell of the temple to call devotees for mangala arati; – Mahaprabhu’s special and dear bengali preparations; – Chapal Gopal insulted Mahaprabhu, was punished and then forgiven.

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