-Without strong attachment to Krishna one is not qualified to enter rasa-lila
-Nitya siddha gopis dont have difficulties in meeting Krishna .
-Why some sadhan siddha gopis cann’t meet Krishna in rasa lila.
-Laxmidevi’s tapasya to enter into rasa lila & Krishna’s conditions.
-With Panchabhautik sarira we cannt have Bhagavath darshan & embracing Him. Only by aprakata sarira it will happen.
-Srava padi vinirmuktam tat sloka explanation.
-By transcendental senses only Bhagavath seva will happen.
-Lila of Lord Rama showing Kripa on Rshis in dandakaranya.
-Will Bhagavan touch Panchabhautik sarira & embrace.
-Vrajavasi’s scoldings out of love.
-Krishna placing Srimati Radhika at elevated position.Krishna says Srimati Radhika is My prema guru.
-Lila of Krishna deciding who is best among gopis(in saubhagya math).
-Lila of Krishna after vamsi vadhan asking gopi why she didn’t put kajool in one eye & not in another.
-For Krishna’s pleasure gopis does all activities.
-Until prema is obtained Bhagavan won’t be attained & not by tapasya etc.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika giving shadow of Her saree to Srila Raghunatha das Goswami.
-Srila Raghunatha das goswami’s onepointedness in pleasing Srimati Radhika & wants only Her kripa but not of Krishna.
-Bhajan sadhan means how our ishta deva Srimati Radhika , Krishna & Guru gets pleased.
-Parikshit Maharaj asked gopis didn’t get brahma jnana & how did they attain Bhagavan.
-Sukhadev Goswami’s answer that by Kama , dvesha , baya , sambhanda , bhakti one can attain Bhagavan(mentioned during Sisuphala vadh katha).

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