-Spiritual realizations cannot be explained (examples of sweet rasagullas, mango rubbed from the beard and a portrait of an artist)
-The lilas of the spiritual world are called bhavamatra
-Nitya-lila and naimittik-lila of Sri Krishna
-Question: How come that the moon attained stri-bhava?
-You’ll see Govinda only if there is a prema in your heart
-In an impulse, a disciple can make any sacrifice for his guru, but is he always in any circumstances able to be ready to?
-Story of a disciple Chakravarti Shivaji bringing milk of a tigress to his guru
-Milk of a tigress could be kept only in a golden pot. If to put it into a claypot it will burst
-Question: Why did Mahaprabhu give all shakti to Rupa Gosvami?
-Question: Why does guru give shakti to some separate disciples?
-Story of the king and his four sons symbolizing yugas

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