Playlist - Darshans 2021

08/10/21pm – Darshan (Hindi) – Delhi

-Jivas has inherent potency & by sat sanga it manifests.-Time in our perspective & Bhagavan’s perspective.-yugāyitaḿ nimeṣeṇa sloka.-How does Milan & Viraha look as per time.-Srila Paramagurudev in hospital regarding oxygen.-Krishna comes only once in a Brahma day who...

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06/10/21pm – Bhagavan’s and Guru’s decisions (Hindi) – Delhi

-Spiritual realizations cannot be explained (examples of sweet rasagullas, mango rubbed from the beard and a portrait of an artist)-The lilas of the spiritual world are called bhavamatra-Nitya-lila and naimittik-lila of Sri Krishna-Question: How come that the moon attained stri-bhava...

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03/10/21pm – Vraja Bhava with no aishwarya (Hindi) – Delhi

-Devaki garbha sthuti done but not for Krishna in Yashoda garbha.-Yashoda garbha sthuti will create difficulties for vrajavasis madhurya bhava.-Nanda Maharaj wife 2 names Yashoda & Devaki.In shastras there are many alankars-This world is limited.-Bhakta can even stop brahmasapa (the...

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