Playlist - Darshans 2021

31/01/21 – Navadvipa Dhama (morning darshan)

-Lord says to Narada Rshi that he has come to Shvetadvipa Dhama, Vipralambha Dhama. Vrindavana Dhama is Sambhoga Maya Dhama. -Gauranga Mahaprabhu is embodiment of separation. -Without separation meeting won’t be relishable.Yogamaya arranges separation to Krishna & gopis. -Just...

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23/01/21 – Putana enchants Vrajavasis (Morning darshan) – Brazil

– When the Vaishnavas praise you, you must accept that praise, but you must not become intoxicated by it- Jagadananda Pandita brings oil and cosy bed to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu but He rejects both- Question: Why was Putana, when she entered Vrindavan, so beautiful that even the...

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22/01/21 – Mantras and nama (morning darshan) – Brazil

– Explanation of Manahshiksha, verse 6 – Presiding deities of mantras – Importance of regular chanting of gayatri-mantras – Tapan Mishra (very short) – Srimati Radhika worries about Her chastity as She becomes attached to three persons at a time  – Nama...

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