– Before we incarnated in a human body, we took various forms of life – The human body is like a boat to cross the ocean of material existence. And Gurudev is the captain of that boat. Favourable wind is a sadhu-sanga – Sva-jati-asaya-snigdha sato-bare – If you do not associate with like-minded sadhu, your bhajana will never develop – Аnаradhya rаdhа-padаmbhoja-renum. If you want to submerge into sringara-rasa you must follow 3 principles: 1) to be one-pointed to Srimati Radhika; 2) to always stay in Vraj in the places where Radha and Krishna manifested Their divine pastimes; 3) to take shelter of vraja-rasika sadhu Sadhu who saw the “oil mine” under the earth – Gopis love nights because at nights they can meet Krishna – The mercy of Lord and His devotees – Question: what is the cause of meeting the sadhu? – On Srila Bhaktivedanta Svami Maharaj – Raga-bhakti does not depend on any reason: example of a poor boy who dreamed to marry a princess (00.58.00. Kalidas and King Vikramaditya’s daughter) – Importance of samskaras. Past and present impressions – Yogamaya helps Krishna to break anger of Srimati Radhika

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