– How is it possible that Bhishma, who serves his guru Parashurama in the sattva-guna, fights with him? – How should we pray to Gauranga Mahaprabhu? Mahaprabhu will not hear your prayer if you pray to Him directly. Pray to your guru and he will pray for you – How to reconcile that the guru is Isvara and our heart and soul at the same time? Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (11.2.37) – How Maya makes jiva illusioned, making him fear. – Why cannot I surrender fully to Gurudev? How do I change this? About Enjoyer & Enjoyee: Guru is asraya Bhagavan (Shelter of Divine Love) — Not Enjoyer but enjoyee. Krishna is visaya Bhagavan(Object of Divine Love) – Only one Purusha (Supreme Enjoyer) – Why do Jnanis fall down but not Bhaktas? – How Krishna becomes enjoyee in the service of Srimati Radhika – Lord gives us free will (Svatantra shakti) to apply for krishna-seva. If the Lord doesn’t give free will we become inert like jada. Misuse of free will makes jiva entrapped in maya – Less manifestation of Bhagavatta & More Manifestation of Sweetness in Krishna: How Manifestation of Bhagavath depends upon Lila. Krishna Lila is sweet due to less Bhagavatta prakasa – Govardhan Lila & Mother Yashoda Tying Krishna with a rope – How Krishna proved that He lifted Govardhan to His friends – How Srimati Radhika actually lifted Govardhan & not Krishna & how Gopis proved it – How Krishna’s sweet pastime like Mother Yashoda tying Him with rope makes sympathy come out unlike Narasimha Deva Lila of killing Hiranyakasipu – Krishna’s Lila of bringing Nanda Maharaj shoes.

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