– Lord is unknown to us (avijñata); – Lord is our best friend, He’s always with us (example of the song Sita Ram kahiye); – If you really see the Lord, you will be completely mad (bandhu sange kirtan); – Lord will only give you darshan when you reach prema dasha (example of Narada Rsi as dasi putra); – Narada had the darshan of the Lord very quickly as like a lightening and then he was always eager to see Lord again, but it was not possible anymore (only when would he attain to transcendental world); – Easiest way to have darshan of Lord: through sadhu sanga; – Devotees came from far to see Gurudev and Gurudeva came from even farther away to see us; – Some people live close to Ganges, but don’t bathe in it (due to lack of sukrti, offenses), but some people live far away but are connected to harikatha, with their mind absorbed in it; – Sadhu sanga means listen harikatha; – Krsna katha is Krsna Himself entering in your ears and cleaning your heart; – Story of Narada Rsi wanting to know “what are the glories of associating with the sadhu” and asking to the bumblebee, the cuckoo bird…; – Story of the old lady who went in the temple and “took something good, and left something bad” (her old shoes); – The love and affection that Lalitananda prabhu has for Gurudeva (“cooking for me at that time, and also now, so much laukik sat bandhu vat priti”); – 20 years of traveling in Brazil and staying in the house of different devotees in Brazil; – Sadhu sanga: make relationship as our family member; – Without first establishing relationship with guru, you will never ever establish a relationship with Lord; – Best way to attain to Lord: make relationship with sadhu/guru as like a family member; – But be careful with the offenses, otherwise you will go to hell and all your sadhana and bhajana is useless; – Only one condition: never criticize any sadhu and don’t listen to any criticism of the sadhus.

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