-About Vaidhi Bhakti & Raganuga Bhakti. -Out of 64 limbs of Bhakti the main are 1.Taking Shelter of lotus feet of Guru 2.Diksha 3.Siksha 4.Vishrambhena Guru Seva. -Dandakaranya Rshis attaining perfection by chanting Gopala mantra & approaching Lord Rama. -Lord Rama’s conversation with Surpanakka & she comes again in Krishna Lila. -Story of a King & a Minister who came across 2 ponds one with nectar & another with stool. -Difference between Atma Nivedhan & Atma Samarpan -Why does Putana got highest destination unlike other demons killed by Krishna? -Since Bonafide Guru always absorbed in Krishna, Krishna will do nourishment of Guru’s surrendered disciples & cleans their anartahs. -About the presiding deities of Sambhanda , Abhideya , Prayojana. -Gurudev gives the knowledge of relationship through the mantra. After Sambhanda mamatha will come. Then the abhideya process of service to Krishna will begin. -Sadhak comes in the stage of Bhava dasa which has 9 external symptoms.Bhava’s more condensed form is prema. -5 Different types of siddhi from Sadhana Siddhi to Vastu Siddhi. -Except enviousness how to use desire, attachment ,greed, intoxication in Krishna’s service

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