-About World Religious Assembly in Brazil.
-About God’s creation in Bible & in Vedic sastras.
-By Bhagavan’s order holy books manifested & some concoct on them.
-Srila Gurudev spoke about Sarva Sukhinam bhavanthu.
-How Jiva is influenced by maya in 3 modes.
-Paramatma is there in everyones heart & stays as witness.
-When you submit yourself or surrender to Paramatma He will give.
-Chaitya guru , varta paradarsakha guru , siksha guru & diksha guru.
-To that extent one has surrendered & accumulated sukriti in many lives then paramatma only guides.
-Bhagavan as chaitya guru gives good inspiration to all.
-Sukriti should mature. Sukriti means you did seva for Bhagavan & bhaktas.
-Sukriti 3 types karma , jnana & bhakti mukhi.
-Sukriti is to bring you to sadhu sanga. Whether you hear or not is your choice.
-If you dont listen Hari Katha anartha wont go away.
-Self realisation is best realisation.
-6 folds of saranagati.
-Nectar of Instruction 1st sloka.
-Differences in languages & the accent.

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