-From Srimati Radhika all rasas will manifest.
-For Krishna’s pleasure Srimati Radhika manifests many forms.
-Sringara rasa is source of all rasas.
-Chandravali is expansion of Srimati Radhika to compete with Her.
-Lalitha & Visakha can go upto Mohan dasa & Srimati Radhika upto Madanakya Mahabhava.
-Radhaji’s Prema has 6 characteristics.
-In Chandravali bhava is upto adi rudha & more than queens of Dwaraka.
-Rukmini devi says if Radhaji’s ray of prema manifests in her then her life will be successful.
-In transcendental world there is no pratikula, everything is lila anukulam.
-Yoga Maya taking the form of a snake to make Radhika afraid for lila.
-By Krishna’s desire Yoga Maya will do the things.
-For Krishna Lila gopis are just instruments & Krishna’s desire everything.
-Srimati Radhika is Krishna’s Swaroop shakti.
-Among all saktis of Krishna Swaroop shakti is best & Hladini sakti’s moola adhistatri devata is Srimati Radhika.Krishna is visaya & Radhika is asraya.
-Krishna worships lotus feet of Srimati Radhika.
-Aradhana means seva , chintan , pooja , smaran etc.
-Why Krishna went to Chandravali leaving Srimati Radhika?
-Shikshatakam ashlishya va pada-ratam pinashtu mam sloka discussion.
-In rahassya there is sambhanda , abhideya & prayojana.
-Jnana & Illusion.
-When Jnana becomes bhava it becomes madhurya.
-Uddhava went to gopis with Jnana & Gopis have thrown away it in Yamuna which went to Puri & merged in ocean.
-After sambhanda jnana seva vrutti , anubhava , condensed prema will happen.

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