-We are very close to Radhashtami
-Radha is called Radha since She brings pleasure to Krishna
-Sri in Srimad-Bhagavatam means Radha
-Krishna is sarva-avatari, Radha is sarva-avatarini
-Do simple short (mo more than 10 min) dramas, do not speculate. Then everybody will be happy
-Why people get angry
-Krishna is alone (His potency is amurta/unmanifested inside His body) and wants to perform rasa-lila
-Without hari-katha sadhu’s mind is not happy
-Parikshit Maharaj listened to hari-katha for 7 nights and 7 days not feeling hungry and thirsty
-Aparadha means no seva-vritti
-When you wake up, do nama-seva
-Never criticize those who chant holy names
-The holy names (sarva-samastha) resurrected the dead disciple of Sarangi Murari

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