-(to the audience): “You came here because you love me. Otherwise how is it possible?”
-The day Hari Katha isn’t listened to is a bad day.
-Srimati Radhika recited the verse tava Kathamritam in Gopi Gita.
Meaning of the verse.
-While doing bhakti 2 leaves manifest in your heart Kleshagni & Subhada.
-One who glorifies sweet pastimes of Krishna is the best donor.
-If you attain Krishna Bhakti, life will be successful.
-Dhruva Maharaj Katha.
-If you practise Bhakti yoga dharma , artha ,kama , moksha will follow you.
-Who is your real father & mother?
-Sakami bhakta Eg:Dhruva Maharaj.
-5 types of devotees of the Lord.
-Vrajavasis are the heart & soul of Krishna.
Among Vrajavasis Srimati Radhika is Krishna’s heart & soul.
-Vrindavan is Krishna’s dham.
-Narada Rishi asking where does Lord Krishna stay?
-Lila of Krishna manifesting Jagannatha form along with Baladev prabhu, Subhadra devi after hearing Vraja Katha from Rohini devi.
-Uddhava speaking about the same Vraja Katha to Vidura & Maitreya.
-Vrajavasis have sambandha jnana with Krishna & feel pangs of separation.
-In Jagannatha Krishna viraha vidur Radha & Radha viraha vidur Krishna.
-Separation is very important for sadhaka’s life.


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