-Question: How to maintain enthusiasm when my guru is away?
-3 ways of mercy
-6 ways of how a guru nourishes his disciple
-Question: If our atma is asleep, who makes the decision to serve the Guru and Krishna?
-Bhava-mayi-sadhana, bhava-sambandhi-sadhana, bhava-anukula, bhava-praticula, bhava-aviruddha
-Do what is favourable for your bhakti
-Reject what is unfavourable for your bhakti (dvaraka-dhyana, rukmini-dhyana)
-Neutral for bhakti: go-seva, brahmana-seva
-I am not against cow protection but this is neutral for bhakti: no favourable, no unfavourable
-Vidhi-marga istadev is Caturbhuja Narayana. This type of bhakti leads to Vaikuntha
-Raga-marga istadev is Dvibhuja Muralidhara Syamasundara. This type of bhakti leads to Goloka Vrindavana
-Subala-milana-lila in Portuguese
-4 categories of speakers

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