-There are external and internal reasons for Krishna’s coming into this world
-Anugrahaya bhaktanam (SB 10.33.36)
-Lord is one but He manifests many forms according to His devotees
-Calling of Advaita Acharya
-Anugrahaya (mercy) is for devotees and nigrahaya (punishment) is for demons
-2 kinds of people in the material world: bhakta-svabhava, abhakta-svabhava
-Krishna’s original form is Dvibhuja Muralidhara Shyamasundara
-Tad uktam padme muhurtenapi samhartum
-Krishna’s avirbhava (appearance) and janma (birth)
-Devaki and Vasudeva are Prishni and Sutabha in their past lives
-Though all Krishna’s incarnations are beautiful but Krishna’s form is unique and unparalleled

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