-If you don’t listen to Hari Katha or speak about Hari Katha then life is a waste.
-Difference between Conscious Human being & Inert things.
-Consciousness means feeling , willing & Knowing.
-Human beings can inquire about spirituality, who am I? but animals cannot.
-Soul resides in this body & it works.
-Mahaprabhu told Srila Rupa goswami that out of many wandering in the cycle of birth & death fortune living entities will enquire about their spirituality.
-Soul is transcendental & eternal.Body is always changing.
-All the living entities are Krishna’s part & parcel.We came from Krishna.
-Material world is place of suffering & perfect happiness is in spiritual world.
-Story of an intelligent person talking about an airplane to his villagers.
-Holy Names are powerful as they are transcendental.
-Chant with faith & slowly realisations will come.
-No difference between Holy Names & Sri Hari.
-Story of Newton inquiring about an apple falling down.
-Krishna says one who attains my abode will not come back.
-By the causeless mercy of guru & Krishna you will receive bhakti lata bija.
-Krishna is our origin father & mother.
-Soul coming into this world & its nature is transformed & we are giving bodily identification.
-Stay in the same place & chant the Holy name.
-After 8.4 billion specious Lord gives human form of life & inquire about Bhajan sadhan

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