-Rasik vaishnavas can realize & relish the sweet mood.
-Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaj preaching vraja mood in Fiji.
-Vrajavasis never think of Krishna as Bhagavan in spite of seeing His opulences by killing demons etc.
-Gopis teasing Krishna that He is chasing girls & asked about His monkeys if He is Lord Rama.
-Krishna builds a bridge on a pond by playing the flute & Gopis test it & say You have some mystic power.
-Vraja mood is Krishna is our family member laukik satbhandu priti.
-When you forget Krishna is Bhagavan then you receive the mood of Vraja.
-Krishna is Bhagavan & His Bhagavatha is covered with madhurya. This sweet mood we get from pure devotees of Krishna.
-In the beginning a sadhaka has to develop the idea that Krishna is Bhagavan.
-Vritrasura previous life story as Chitraketu Maharaj; taking instruction from Narada Rishi & diksha from Sankarsana & finally being cursed by Parvati-devi.
-Vritrasura’s humble prayers to Lord Krishna.
-Sadhaka has to think how to absorb in serving Lord & Srimati Radhika’s lotus feet.
-Prabodhananda Saraswati says Oh my mind, always absorb in the sweet pastimes of Srimati Radhika.The tongue be absorbed in chanting sweet Nama of Srimati Radhika.
-Lord Jagannatha Himself eager to listen to Jayadev goswami’s Gita Govinda.
-Mahaprabhu , crown & jewels of sannyasis always absorbed in Gita Govinda Katha.
-Swaroop Damodhar & Raya Ramananda pacified Mahaprabhu when He is absorbed in Srimati Radhika’s moods.
-Srimati Radhika’s sakhis asking Her to give up maan & meet Krishna on Yamuna bank.
-Sweet fragrance comes from the body of the Divine Couple of Srimati Radhika & Krishna. The wind cannot blow.
-Sadhu sanga means to associate with high class exalted sadhus like Swaroop Damodhar, Raya Ramananda.
-Radhashtami is very important

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