-God is sleeping in Shayana Ekadashi but you should not
-I have pitta in my stomach, old age, so I take fruits in Ekadashi
-Do not drink milk in Nirjala Ekadashi
-5 kinds of grains prohibited in Ekadashi
-Sabudana is not allowed in Ekadashi. Even some fruits are prohibited
-To control animals is easy, to control people is very difficult because of their ego
-People think they can eat whatever they want but that’s not true
-Mahabhagavatas and paglas do not sleep at night
-Those who do not perform bhajana are compared to animals
-Govinda das and Durga
-Krishna created Papa-purusha to punish those who do wrong things
-Krishna releases people from hell and asks them to observe Ekadashi
-How Yamadutas punish sinners
-To think that Ekadashi is only for sadhus is misconception
-Durvasa Rishi and Ambarisha Maharaj
-Draupadi prayed Govinda in a trouble but Ambarisha Maharaj not


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