-Gopis and Krishna meet in Kurukshetra
-The thread of Ratha-yatra chariot is love
-Gopis give up their chastity very easily
-Lilas of Bal Gopal
-Some symbols in the soles of Krishna
-We are the eternal servants of Krishna
-We are bound not by the things but by our attachment to them. Example of a monkey holding a potato in a pot
-Do bhajan to understand everything
-00.37.30. Story of a person always reading Ramayana and many years fighting with his brother for 2 meters of land
-It is an offence to consider oneself a temple owner
-The miserable state of Vrindavan without Krishna
-Srimati Radhika puts Her crown on Giriraj Govardhan
-Divine craziness of mother Yashoda
-Caitanya-caritamrita is an unprecedented book. It’s full of rasa-madhurya tattva-siddhanta


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