-BRS 1.2.22
-Our endeavours should be exclusively for the pleasure of Krishna
-The gopis’ mind is pleasure place for Krishna
-Everyone in Vrindavan loves Krishna
-Description of toilets in Vrindavan and Navadvipa in earlier times
-The snake helps Krishna to pacify Sriamati Radhika’s ahaituki mana
-The sound of the flute changes the nature for some moment: those who move get stunned, and those nonmoving start to move
-The sound of the flute is the infallible weapon like a ramban of Sri Ramacandra
-Never imitate acaryas. Just follow their steps
-Srimati Radhika thinks She has never seen Krishna, though She has just met Him
-Types of sakhis
-Sambhoga-iccha-mayi kamatmika-bhakti is a bhakti that manjaris have
-Gurudeva on bhutas, ‘I have seen a ghost in a lady for the first time in my life’


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