-Krishna says to Arjun that one who worships exclusively Me I will provide whatever He lacks & protects whatever he has.
-Arjun Mishra & Madhavendra Puripad don’t ask for donations.
-Lila of Krishna coming as a small boy to give Madhavendra Puripad milk.
-Gopal appears in Madhavendra Puripad’s dream asking him to extract Him out of earth & do service.
-Lila of Gopal deity asking Madhavendra Puripad to bring malay chandan from South India to relieve Him of heat.
-Lila of Kheer Chor Gopinath with Madhavendra Puripad in stealing kheer.
-Mahaprasad, deity, Naam & Vaishnavas one will have faith if sufficient sukriti is there.
-Madhavendra Puripad applied chandan on Gopinath.
-Madhavendra Puripad is the sprout of love in gaudiya vaishnavism.
-Srimati Radhika said ayi dina dayanatha sloka when Krishna left for mathura. Madhavendra Puripad told second time. Mahaprabhu said third time.
-Bhagavan will arrange everything for pure devotees.
-If Bhagavan wants to protect none can kill you, If He wants to kill none can protect you.Eg:Asvatthama killing Draupadi’s sons & Krishna protecting Parikshit Maharaj.
-Arjun killing Jayadrath.
-You aren’t always alone. Lord Rama is with you.
-If you have sambandha jnana then you will never fall down.
-Story of an old businessman in Barsana considering Srimati Radhika as his daughter.


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