-Meaning of guru & why should we accept guru?
-Guru is the manifestation of Baladev prabhu.
-Srila Visvanath Chakravartipad Gurvashtakam.
-About 3 folds of suffering.
-By Gurudev’s Mercy all suffering will go away.
-By the mercy of guru you get the mercy of Bhagavan.
-Acharya means non different from Krishna.
-First serve guru & then serve Bhagavan.
-Only guru makes us to have darshan of Bhagavan thru ears.
-About sabda brahman, diksha & siksha gurus.
-Practise,follow & preach.
-Uddhava asks Krishna how acharya/gurudev is Your own Swaroop.
-Lila of gopis making Krishna dance when He asks for butter.
-Lila of Krishna stealing butter & complaining on His reflection
to Yashoda Maiya.
-Bilvamangal Thakur on how Krishna is a thief.
-Ajamila Story. All the qualities of Bhagavan manifests in guru.
-Bhagavan is visaya vigraha & guru is asraya vigraha.
-Number of qualities of jivas,Shivaji,Lord Vishnu & Krishna with extra 4 special qualities.
-Bhagavan & sometimes His associates come to deliver us.
-Gurudev is a condensed form of Bhagavan’s Mercy.
-def of Karuna. Story of sadhu saving a biting scorpion.
-Gurudev will give swaroop jnana.
-Without realisation of Bhagavan one isn’t qualified to be a guru.
-Different types of siddhis especially mantra siddhi.
-Guru Nishtha is the backbone of spiritual life.
-Never give up a bonafide guru. Rules for giving up asadhu guru.
-Mahaprabhu,Lord Krishna,Lord Rama accepting diksha from guru.
-Meaning of diksha.
-Glorifying gurudev will purify the tongue.
-Hold the lotus feet of guru tightly.
-Brief note on Hera Panchami.

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