-3 types of listeners: sota, srota and sarota
-Blind observance of the Ekadashi. Example of the flock of sheep
-Best oil to cook in Ekadashi is ghi but it’s costly so you can use peanut oil or sunflower oil but never use mustard seed oil
-Nama-sankirtana of Mahaprabhu in the day of Ekadashi
-Gaudiya Vaishnavas never tell the Deity go out of the murti but in other traditions they do
-A humorous story about a guest who overstayed his welcome at his relatives’ house
-Ekadashi is sitting near God
-Navadvipa used to be the Oxford of India
-Mahaprabhu made Keshava Kashmiri ashamed
-Bhavuk Mahaprabhu
-SB 10.29.4 is very important verse
-What is the fault of taking Jagannatha mahaprasad on the day of Ekadashi?
-What is the fault of taking grain maha-prasada of the Deities on the day of Ekadashi?
-Why did Srila Svami Maharaj not allow his disciples to offer grain foods to the Deities on the day of Ekadashi, but we offer?


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