-Main reason for Mahabharata war is Sakuni’s revenge on Bhishma Pitamaha.
-Why Ssakuni wants to take revenge on Bhisma Pitamaha?
-Krishna directs 5 Pandavass in 5 directions for their question to know about Kali yuga.
-Krishna gives explanation for Pandavas for what they see.
-From Yudhistra’s direction hypocrisy,cheating in kali yuga is shown.
-From Bhima’s direction parents over affection to children is shown.
-From Arjun’s direction pandits preach but dont practise is shown.
-From Nakula’s direction glories of HariNaam in Kali yuga is shown.
-From Sahadev’s direction service to parents being neglected by children is shown.
-Srila Bhakti Prejnana Keshava Goswami Maharaj says everyone should do seva to Mata Pita.
-Who is actual Mata Pita as per Srila Bhakti Prejnana Keshava Goswami Maharaj?
-The day Guru & Bhagavan seva is not done Pridvi will get destroyed.
-Do Bhajan quickly & leave this place before golden age ends.
-Glories of Srivasa Thakur in serving Mahaprabhu by arranging Naam sankirtan in his house,
not disturbing Mahaprabhu’s Kirtan inspite of his son’s death.
-Lila of Srila Vamana Goswami Maharaj asking his disciple to offer Mahaprasad to Kali devi

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