-Govardhana-dharana-lila and kaliya-damana-lila were the lilas Bhagavan performed before rasa-lila
-Gopis challenge Krishna’s lilas
-49 ingredients of rasa-madhurya
-Тhe story of the gardener who killed the cow
-Padmini, hastini, chitrani, sankini types of women. All gopis are padmini
-Hair is a woman’s beauty. About women wearing shikhas
-Never catch a woman’s hair because all the demigods stay there
-Why Vaishnavas shave their hair
-Meaning of ‘shyama’
-Detailed description of padmini gopis
-Sanatana Gosvami condemns the comparison of Srimati Radhika’s braid to a black snake
-The fire is never impure. Krishna thought it would be improper to perform rasa-lila with the gopis but Yogamaya encouraged Him
-The flowers weep because their beauty and fragrance are useless compared to those of Srimati Radhika, but She calms them by calling them Her sakhi
-Meaning of ‘klim’
-Vamshi, venu, murali – different flutes and their purposes (sarva-bhuta -gopi-manoharam, radha-manoharam
-Pandavas try to shoot an arrow into a bird’s pupil
-The gopis’ earrings push them to run faster to Krishna. The story of Krishna’s anklets

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