Part 1

-What japa mala is
-Not to hate those to hate or insult you is bhajana
-The story of the sadhu who got the garbage poured on him
-Control your anger. Those who do bhajan and sadhana should react differently to abuse than other people
-Why am I not absorbed into chanting the holy names?
-Do not worry about what you did in the past, for God, as a loving father, did not accept your unknowing offenses. But worry about what you are doing now. Correct the present
-On manjaris’ nishtha
-How do we know that our svarupa is in manjari-bhava?
-Drink much water, especially in the morning as you wake up

Part 2

-Garga-samhita, Madhu Smita Sri Radha – Lila of queens of Dvaraka meeting Srimati Radhika

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