-People are Sattvik, Rajasic , Tamasic.
-Smriti sastras are according to rajasic & tamasic guna.
-Do things which purifies atma.
-Bhagavan going to Naraka ,instructing & uplifting all sinful jivas.
-Yama dharma raj’s says about no work currently to Bhagavan.
-Things to do & not to do on Ekadashi.
-How Pandava Nirjala Ekadashi came?
-How life goes in different activities.
-From 8 years to 80 years one has to follow Ekadashi.
-By following Ekadashi with faith one will get money.
-Lila of ekadashi manifestation from Lord Vishnu’s body.
-Actual Ekadashi vrata procedure & do Hari Naam & Gita adhyana on ekadashi.
-Gangamata Goswami pastimes of taking bath in Ganges from Jagannatha & Lord ordering King to release Her.
-By doing bhajan sadhan & by Guru Kripa one will realise.
-Sibi Maharaj’s Katha with Indra as eagle & Yama dharma raj as pigeon.
-How Nriga Maharaj became a lizard & then uplifted by Krishna.
-Topmost donation is Bhagavath Naam & Hari Katha
-Srila Gurudev not allowing anyone to go empty handed after meeting.
-Story of an old women regularly coming for Hari Katha leaves slippers

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