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Part 2

-We should give up sayujya-mukti

-4 types of liberation

-Vallabhacharya  pointing to an error in a shloka written by Rupa Gosvami

-How Jiva Gosvami explained to Vallabhacharya that Rupa Gosvami’s shloka is perfect

-Vrajavasis call Sanatana Gosvami Bare Baba and Jiva Gosvami Cota Baba

-It’s so difficult to live in a temple

-In some temples they pay salary for a service but as long as it’s paid this is no longer a service

-Glories of Premananda Prabhu

-Srila Gurudev used to feel so sad when someone left the temple. He would say, “It is my fault. I did not give him more love than his parents gave him!”

-Paramatma sayujya-mukti is very dangerous

-Mahaprabhu gave the most extensive definition of mukti

-Svarupa is inherent and is slowly revealed with sadhu-sanga and Guru’s mercy

-Only butchers do not want to listen to hari-katha and they cannot utter names of Krishna

-Harinama comes to the mouth of those who worshipped Lord Vasudeva for hundred lives


-Jiva-sandarbha: 2 kinds of anushthan: 1) you count how many people will eat prasad, cook accordingly and then offer it to the Deity; 2) you offer all bhoga that you cook to Deity and then divide it between the people. The second anushthan is better because you cook for Deity not for yourselves

-Sankalpa-kalpa-druma: a piece of ice on the top of Himalayas gives sankalpa to merge into the ocean

-No one is laying soft carpets of flowers for us, like the flowers in Vraja before Krishna

-Listen, listen and listen hari-katha and then praise in kirtana to get lobha

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