-Bhagavan is sharanagata-palaka. That’s why He cheated demons (they were not surrendered to Him)
-Chala-bhakti (“moving”., i.e. not firm) and achala-bhakti (“not moving”., i.e. firm)
-Why demons and demigods are always fighting
-When jiva makes offense to Guru, it becomes a demon
-Whatever Gurudev says is self-manifested mantra
-Why Vamanadeva took everything from Bali Maharaj and tied him with ropes
-Story of Koch who came to Shukracharya to get his resurrection sanjivani-mantra
-A king is honoured only in his own country, but a knowledgeable man will be honoured everywhere
-Devayani and Sharmishtha, daughter of Vishvaparva. Yayati Maharaja’s preliminary aging
-The meaning of Shyama (SB 8.15.17, commentary)
-Brihaspati does not disclose the real reason of demigods’ loss to the demons
-5 things prohibited in Kali-yuga: ashvamedha yajna, killing cows, offering flesh in shraddha ceremony of the forefathers, having a baby with you brother-in-law, and karma-sannyasa
-Mother, father, acharya and guests are devas
-Shastras say: Never travel on your janma-nakshatra tithi (the day of the week when you were born). Krishna and Balaram do not go to cow grazing in Their janma-nakshatra day
-Baladeva Prabhu did not participate in brahma-vimohana-lila because it was His janma-nakshatra day
-After purnahuti we cannot make ahuti

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